Diogenes im großen Fassl

Gifts & Liquor Store

Gift articles and various schnapps are sold at „Diogenes im großen Fassl“. In the first East Tyrolean schnapps shop there are many fine distillates to taste and buy. In addition, everything for distilling schnapps, furniture made from barrels and hand-painted glasses and bottles.

Diogenes – Furniture like good wine. Helmut Pramstaller shares his passion for barrels with the philosopher. Across Europe, the former world champion searches for old barrels and shapes them into individual, self-designed pieces of furniture. A certificate stating which wine the barrel originally stored, is included.

Naturbrennerei Kuenz

Discover a precious secret of the noble distillers. At the 400-year-old Kuenz farm, you will find excellent schnapps and liqueurs that can be tasted in a cosy atmosphere. In the farm shop there are selected specialities from local “Osttirol Natur”partner farms.

Pregler impresses with the diversity of its aromas. It is distilled exclusively in East Tyrol from local apples and pears. According to a 200-year-old tradition, we select the fruits of our orchards in order to extract the noblest aromas from them. In recent years, our “Number 1” has always been awarded as the best of its kind.

Binter Edelbrände

Elke’s fine brandies

Elke‘s brandies come from the National Park. There are more than 30 different types of schnapps and liqueurs. A special passion is rowanberry and masterwort. The brandies are regularly awarded prizes.

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