Kaufhaus Schäfer

A visit to the “Schäfer” department stores

The Schäfer department stores‘ is an institution and more than lives up to its slogan „Everything in it“: here you can find everything from hand-woven table linen to daily bread, from buttons to dolls‘ kitchens, from sushi to fried chicken, from building blocks to South Tyrolean souvenirs.


Feel good in the Vitalpinum

The popular wellness and adventure garden pampers you with an extraordinary mix of vitality, relaxation and care. Immerse yourself in the world of alpine plants and experience the feeling of well-being from the mountains.

Gustl Lienz

There is much more to play!

Games and stationery and the name Gustl belong together. You‘ll find classics like Playmobil, Siku, Lego and Barbie… But also board games, soft toys, Schleich figures and remote-controlled cars. In our shop you will find billettes, craft supplies, gift boxes for every occasion and fireworks.

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